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Serah Wangari Kinyanjui

Communicator | Passionate about Life and Real Estate.

What Serah is About
My name is Serah Wangari Kinyanjui. A good communicator, who embraces diversity and is very relatable. Well, let me start by asking myself a question, Serah what are you about? Well, the answer to my question comes from different areas or perspectives in my life but I will address the business part of it.
Every single day is a learning opportunity, I take my life lessons as a sign and opportunity to be better and do better.

Early Life
My story begins in my early teenage life. I grew up in a very competitive environment and I strive to always be at the top, academically, socially, and sports too. Through this I got a passion to be the best or try my best to be the best. Along the way, my father started up building our house from the bottom with the help of both my father’s and mother’s finances. They were able to pull it up, from the drawing of the house outline to buying the materials to employees to building the foundation, and up it was up. Most of the job was done, but there was a challenge. Both my parents lost their jobs and we had a young one on the way, my baby sister.
I felt bad for them and wished, what if we just bought a house? we would not have been stuck in an unfinished house. This is where my passion for real estate comes in.
I want to be part of bringing people, families, couples to a house of their choice where together they can make a home. A home to raise their young ones, invite friends , host family members during special occasions and during trouble times too.

Making Dreams Come Alive
I want to be part of bringing people together in harmony and in love with their ideal apartment, Ideal home area, and ideal environment to raise kids and stay. What other way of doing so than be a real estate agent.
Today I stand proud to say I am on my way to making my dream come true.
Being a part of Liberty Hills Agency as an agent is a step to making my dream come true.
Do you want the land to buy to build that perfect house for your family to call home?
Do you want an apartment to leave as you work on your dream job?
You want to sell land to finances your dreams?
Well the good news is I am here for that I do all the work for you, I bring in buyers for one who want to sell.
I bring apartments for one who wants to rent out. In other words, I am your plug.
This is a calling for me. I want to be that person you call when you could not get your perfect space to do your thing.
Finally I will take this chance to thank everyone who took their time to read this. Now that we have been acquainted, let’s get you that dream home.

My properties (5)


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