About us

We are Special Real Estate Company

we are a Special real estate company that  markets SPECIAL real estate properties both locally and globally to SPECIAL clients that include Kenyan Diaspora, Expatriates, Diplomats and other high networth clients.

Our mission

We help you build Generational Wealth™ using Kenyan real estate.

Our vision

To transform our client’s lifestyle using quality innovative real estate solutions that build and preserve short term and long term wealth. 

Our Products

We help you buy, rent, sell, develop and finance real estate properties that meet your lifestyle goals 

Residential Properties For Sale or Rent

1 bedroom kileleshwa lounge
Buy or Sell Properties
Property Management Services
executive homes
low cost houses

Land Plots and shambas

Agricultural Land
residential/commercial Plots
speciality plots
Beach PLots

Commercial Properties for Sale or Rent

We have amazing deals on all types of commercial properties for sale or rent.

Property Management
Project Management
Office Space
Business Properties

Our Track Record

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