Looking to sell your property?

Selling land or any other property is often not an easy undertaking. It involves very many steps, meeting with very many players, showing your property, receiving offers etc. It is a very complicated process.

  • is not easy
  • is very technical,
  • is very time consuming and
  • involving.
You will need to:-
  • research on the right timing and best price to list; market conditions,
  • prepare and stage a property,
  • advertise the property,
  • Receive and handle inquiries
  • Schedule and show the property to clients,
  • receive offers and negotiate for a  best price.
To sell at a profit we advice you use  a real estate sales professional. 
At Liberty we follow

This will allow for a productive engagement when we sit to discuss about your property.

To sell at top dollar and within the shortest time possible use a proffessional realtor services

Use a professional and not a quacks!