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My name is Dennis Oduor Otieno, born and raised in Makueni. I started my preparatory school at a nearby school in Wote town. This became my start of social life though I really didn’t know how to talk well since I was still a kid. I joined Unoa primary school where I studied nursery school upto class five. At this point I began noticing happenings around me.. During my learning in Unoa primary school I got to understand the importance of good leadership skills while I was a class perfect in classes three and four consecutively. At my young age I experienced a different set of people which is what is in real life. There are good people and others who are not good. I choose never to say there are bad people since the ‘goodness and badness’ we see in people is always relative depending on who is on the receiving end.
I later transferred to a boarding primary school and joined Kanga High School after doing my KCPE in 2013. One common thing I learnt from the above schools is reliance on yourself (independence). Whatever you want in life you have to get it yourself and not just rely on others. I joined the Kenya scout association and went camping several times. As a scout, our motto was ‘ be ready’ and this meant you should always be ready whenever duty calls. The motto also applies outside my school life and being ready for anything is always at the back of my mind. While at school, I played both volleyball and football for my school at different competition levels, however, I loved volleyball more and still play it though not often. I won several awards at the school competitions and received one certification. One major key character I learnt and adopted was to be persistent and consistent in my goals. That’s all it takes to be different from a lot of people and to be able to achieve your goals and improve on your passion or talent.
Ever since I was a kid, I had a passion for music. This led to me participating in both national music and drama festivals while in highschool two times. I received certifications for participation in both events. I pursue music as a hobby and am passionate about it. As a music enthusiast, I believe it really sets a mood in almost everything; starting from our national anthem to things such as advertising. Back when I was a kid, most of the TV commercials that I remember are because of the music in it and this would make me want to buy the product advertising. Music to me means creativity and requires time to build something great.
I joined campus to pursue a bachelor of Real Estate in the University of Nairobi where I am currently. Richard Masika(LLOYD MASIKA) is one of the real estate gurus we have in Kenya; born and raised in Makueni too just like me. He was my inspiration to pursue real estate as a course and career in my life. Studying on campus hasn’t been all about academics only, it entails more practical experiences rather than the books. My main areas of interest are valuation, real estate agency and property management which I’m looking forward to enhancing my knowledge and gaining practical experience in.

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