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3 Special Things

About Liberty Hills Agency

Liberty Hills Agency is a Special Real Estate Company that Sell Special Products and Projects to Specially selected clients both in Kenya and Abroad.

What Makes Liberty Special

What Makes Liberty Hills Agency Special

Liberty Hills Agency is a special real estate company with three very special things.

We make a difference with Special Products and Simple Processes that take away the hassle to deliver benefits and value to our customers.

We offer amazing services in Commercial Real Estate and Residential Real  Estate Services.


Our Team is at the Center and Core of what we do everyday. We have 20 highly specialised agents, supported by digital and social media marketers. Our teams are in both Kenya and overeseas ready to work with you on your project.

Our special clients are both big and small and include Kenyans in the diaspora, expartriates, landlords, property developers, First Time Home Buyers (FTHB), Empty Nesters, Senior Executives.  

Who we really

Liberty Hills Agency: Mission and Vision

Three Top Things About Liberty Hills Agency and Liberty Lifestyle Homes
Ken Mohochi, Chief Results Officer

In our commercial and residential divisions, our 20 agents all experts in the Kenyan REAL ESTATE market; help market EXTRA-ORDINARY Kenyan teal estate properties/projects both locally and abroad.

We help you create generational wealth using real estate. 

We help you buy, sell, rent, or develop amazing real estate properties anywhere in Kenya. 

Meet the Team

Liberty Hills Agency Clients

Liberty Lifestyle Homes

Our Clients 

  • Small/Big
  • Diaspora 
  • Executives
  • Expartriates 

Our Clients 

  • Commercial 
  • Residential
  • First Time Buyers
  • Empty Nesters
Liberty Commercials Logo

All about

Liberty Hills Agency

Liberty Lifestyle Homes

Liberty Lifestyle Homes

Get an amazing deal as you Buy, Sell, Rent, or Develop a residential property anywhere in Kenya.

Wide selection of Plots, Apartments and Homes

Liberty Commercial Properties

Want to Sell, buy, or rent a Rental Apartment Complex, Supermarket, Industrial Godown or a commercial Space? We Liberty Commecial Propeties by Liberty Hills Agency will connect you to some of the most amazing Deals

Liberty Commercials Logo

We can help you get an amazing deal when buying, selling or renting a plot, land, apartment or home in Kenya. 

We can help you explore options to develop or finance your project like Joint Ventures, Design-Build-Operate and even lease backs. 


We are looking out for great partners at all levels. Want to join our team as an intern or experienced agent? 



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The Best in Luxury Real Estate

Work With Us

We can make a big difference in your real estate growth. We value and look forward to working with you.

Start building your generational wealth today!

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