Owaga Cedrick

Owaga Cedrick

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Owaga Cedrick is a 22-year-old youth born, bred and brought up in Migori county, where he undertook his early learning stages. He is a passionate individual with a great liking for new knowledge and deep connections. Growing up, he had a great desire to get involved in the construction industry, which led him to pursue an undergraduate course in Real Estate. Through his study, Cedrick has accumulated a great wealth of knowledge in the Real Estate field. He has grown an extensive network of friends and professionals with whom he has sharpened his industry skills and expertise. This network has helped him grow in the field to become a competent upcoming real estate professional.
In the past, Cedrick has had experience working with the County Government of Migori in two departments: public works and physical planning. In that period, Cedrick picked valuable lessons on project planning and development. Cedrick currently works as a sales agent with Liberty Hills Agency.
Cedrick is fun-loving and takes part in several recreational activities, including hiking and table tennis.

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