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I went to KU from Nairobi school in 2012 until December 2020 when I was able to complete my course in BSc. RE
I’ve worked at ABSA, EQUITY and ITUUN Investments.
I’m a mentor, a counselor and a leader.
I possess a confident attitude, a resilient character, a hardworking and a team-working mindset that propels me to toil in institutional and personal targeted objectives, hence the best icon for group and individual development.
I am restorative, which is one of my strengths that makes me talented in being adept at dealing with problems. I figure out what is wrong and resolve it.

I have ideation. This talent makes me fascinated by ideas, where I am able to find a connection between seemingly desperate phenomena and establish innovative ways of improving the bundle of ideas into a concept.

I have context, and driven by this strength I acquire knowledge by examining historic occurrences. I seek to know what caused the current problem from the past, and I establish a solution from the cause.

I am strategic, where I quickly spot the pattern and issues, and then establish a trend to proceed. I notice new as well as unusual configurations in facts, evidence, or data. I study humankind’s story to identify subtle nuances, recurring sequences of events, and predictable human behavior. Generating clever, resourceful, inventive, and original alternatives, I can offer solutions to age-old problems.
I have belief, and nothing can make me act beyond my professional jurisdiction, that is, guided by my core values and strengths. I have a sense of mission that fills whatever I do with purpose. I address personal shortcomings by confronting them, aiming to minimize or eliminate them. By nature, I definitely want to benefit human kind and the environment by bringing about the major and minor changes that are needed.
I am eloquent. I fluently express my ideas through both elaborate written assignments or tasks and a forcible speech to persuade and convince results.
I am articulate. Most associates and past allies/acquaintances of mine, my mentors and I have agreed that I have a way with words. I express myself coherently during presentations, and distinctly bring out the missing or available links between hypothesis and phenomena.
I have a well poised personality. My character is composed, and rests assured in the current situation. This therefore enables me to focus on the situations at hand, and handle them from the graceful and elegant bearing.

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