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We strive to make your commercial real estate as profitable as possible. This is attained by a delicate balancing and creation of a robust ecosystem of loyal patrons, great products availed by your tenants. 

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Maximizing Client income by applying exceptional Real Estate Property Management skills, while ensuring Tenant satisfaction by adopting first-rate property maintenance!


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About Us

  1. A real estate investor wants NO hassle.
  2. They want to manage and maximise return on investment.
  3.  No one wants to sweat the small stuff!

At Liberty we  attend to every detail and offer:-

  1. expertise and personalized techniques to managing your property.
  2. A professional management concept that delivers and  guarantees results.
  3. We maintain your property at top  standards and attract and retain the best Tenants and Shoppers, Patrons and other Stakeholders.

The problem with real estate is that it’s local. You have to understand the local market.

Robert Kiyosaki, founder of the Rich Dad Company

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What sets us apart?

Liberty Hills is is a full service residential and commercial property management company.

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