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Want to Sell Properties like a Pro?

it's really easy!

    1. Don’t work KIenyeji.
    2. Work Proffessionally
      1. Brand and market yourself and your properties  like a pro.
      2. Dont use a yahoo or gmail email address.
    3. Promote and Advertise your properties
      1. Get maximum exposure and the best interaction with your clients


Sell and Market your Properties the mordern way - like a Pro.

We are here to help you sell your properties like a pro. 

You will deliver a delighful and profitable experience to your customers as your sell your property.


Ksh 500 per Month

Results in 180 days

5 Properties (1) featured. One Agent Account

Digital Marketing

  • 5-10 leads and reach 30k Local Market Customers monthly


Ksh 1,950 per Month

Results in 90 days

Company Page, 10 Properties (3) featured, 2 agent accounts

Digital Marketing

  • 50 leads and reach over 30k local/overseas clients. 
  • Deploy digital/search campaigns. Autopost to 2 social media sites of your choice. 


Ksh 4,950 per Month

Results in 60 days

25 properties with (8) featured a company page, and 5 agent accounts. Local/diaspora clients.  

Digital Marketing

  • 100 leads and reach over 30,000 Local and overseas clients. 
  • Deploy digital/ search campaigns and autopost to 5 social media sites of your choice.  2 free campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the best time to sell or buy a property?

Selling real estate is LOCAL. 

The right market TIMING is everything. In fact, a seller can potentially sell at considerable profit is you sell at the correct peak time compared to a slow time. Consider “Seasonality” and “Economical” factors. Prior to selling your property. We advice you get advice from a real estate proffessional to ensure you make the  best market timing, pricing, marketing.  Read More… 

How do I prepare my property for selling?

Selling a property is noy easy and we have over 14 steps that you must take in order to sell your property at top dollar.  14 steps to follow when selling your property

What do i need to sell my property in Kenya?

You will need your ownership documents, and then appoint an agent to help your sell the property

How do I determine the right price to sell or buy a property?

The right price depends on alot of factors and you need proffessional advice to determine the right price. Contact us 

What Should I Expect at Closing?

Depends with if you are selling or buying. Our agents will provide you with a checklist for closing

What Is Pre-approval?

A customer buying a property using a mortgage requires a special advance approval called a mortgage pre-approval from their financial insitution. It wil state the maximum mortgage amount that the client can qualify for.

What are the costs to sell a home or property?

You will need to prepare the property for the market, advertise the property and pay a lawyer to help finalise the sale of your property.

What Do I Look for in Sales Person?

Choosing a sales person to help you buy or sell a property is one of the most important things your will ever do. The right agent will be your partner and will ensure you get a great deal and also save alot of money. 25 Questions You Must Ask When Hiring A Real Estate Agent (Realtor)

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