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Refer a Buyer or Seller Registration.

Refer a Friend, Collegue, or Family

Know of anyone planning to BUY, SELL, DEVELOP or INVEST in a Home, Plot, Shamba or Apartment?

A referal can you earn you up to Ksh 100k hassle-free.

Refer a Buyer Tell friends

How it works

How it works 123


Introduce a collegue, friend or relative to Liberty 


Your Friend Buys or Sells

When the refered collegue, friend, relative buys or sells a property and 25% of the deal is settled we will let you know

You Get Paid your reward

We will deposit up to Ksh 100,000/- in your account


*Terms and Conditions Apply

Refer a Buyer Tell friends

Step 1 - Introduce

Tell Your
Family / Friends / Colleagues about Liberty Homes. Ask them to visit our Website 
or call/whatsup 📞0779830051

Sell a House Carton

Step 2 - Your Referal Acts

When your referal (friend, collegue, or relative) buys or sells a property using Liberty Homes and 25% of the deal value is settled (paid or received) we shall get in touch you.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

Step 3 - Get paid up to Ksh 100k

We shall deposit a reward of up to Ksh 100,000/- 

in your account.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

Refer a Buyer Money Bags S

REFER- A friend, collegue or family

    Your details. (Leave blank where you don't know)

    Details of the Friend, Colleague, or Relative you want to Introduce to Liberty

    My Friend, Family or Colleague would like to:-

    There likely budget will most likely be:-

    I believe they want to buy/sell in the following areas:-

    Additional Information

    I believe they will be buying/selling on or before

    Please subscribe me to:

    Refer a Buyer ot Seller Reward

    Terms and Conditions

    Refer a Buyer or Seller Campaign (“Campaign”).

    This Liberty 2022 Refer a Buy or Seller (“Campaign”) is valid from 15th January 2022 to 30th April 2022 (“Period”) 

    1. You ( “Referrer”) shall to the best of your knowledge refer a friend, relative, colleague (*Referee”) to Liberty Hills Agency (“Liberty”) 
    2. The Referee has to be a person or company with a genuine desire and commitment to BUY or SELL a real estate property located in the Republic of Kenya (“Deal”) and fully execute the deal by paying/receiving at least 25% of the deal value before the 30th of June 2022.
    3. The referee should be a new customer of Liberty with no prior or existing contact or relationship with Liberty. (“new lead”).
    4. The minimum qualifying Deal value is Ksh 0.75m and the maximum Referral Reward is Ksh 100,000  (“reward”) and paid out to a referrer with a signed referral agreement approved by the Liberty Chief Results Officer.
    5. Once the deal is started, Liberty will calculate and inform the Referee of the most likely Reward from successful completion of the deal by parties.
    6. The Reward will be calculated as a proportion of the Deal value.
    7. To qualify for payment of this Reward to the Referrer by Liberty, the Referee buying must pay at least 25% of the Purchase Price or if selling, receive at least 25% of the Sale Price on or before the end of the campaign.
    8. This Campaign cannot be assigned, and/or combined with any other discounts and/or offers and may also not be used to reduce a deal’s purchase or sale price.
    9. Any transfer or assignment of ownership of a property by a Referee will not qualify for this campaign.
    10. Liberty reserves the exclusive right to change, extend, alter, amend or cancel part or all of this Campaign without notice and as deemed fit.

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