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106 Acres Ranch With Trees and House In Rironi-Karima Road-Gatondo-Rironi Area Distress Sale-K- Ref-520

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DISTRESS SALE. 106 Acres with trees house in Rironi-Karima road-Gatondo-Rironi Area near This adjacent properties lie approximately:- 1.3 kilometers off Rironi-Karima road 2.6 kilometers due northwest of Gatondo PRI School. 5 kms from Rironi shopping centre along Njabini-Ndunyu Njeru-Ol Kalao road within Rironi Area in Kipipiri sub-county, Nyandarua county. Rironi Trading Centre. 32 kms from Ndunyu Njeru township and 18 kms from<a href= kalao town> Ol kalao town</a> and Build a dream home or make money

55 Acres Farm Land In Thambohill-Swera-Airport For Sale-1.1M- Ref-630


1 year ago

Hurry! grab this lovely 55 Acres farm land in Thambohill-Swera-Airport near Swera near Aiport and Build a dream home or make money

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6.6 Acres 2.67(Ha) Farm Land In Kipiripiri-Malewa-Lereshwa Distress Sale-K- Ref-479

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2 years ago

DISTRESS SALE. 6.6 Acres 2.67(Ha) farm land in Kipiripiri-Malewa-Lereshwa near Near Kipipiri depot of the National Cereals and Produce Board in Lereshwa a sub-location of Kippiri sub-county, Nyandarua county of Malewa location. Approx. 1.2km off Gilgil - Langa Langa - Kipipiri road Approx 16km from Gilgil town through Gilgil - Nyahururu Road for about 4km then branching off to the right through a murram surfaced road for about 9km. Situated in corner area and due south of Lereshwa Secondary School and Lereshwa Vocational Training Centre <a href= Vocational Training Centre > Lereshwa Vocational Training Centre </a> and Build a dream home or make money

Residential Property With Semi-Permanent Structures Prime Plot In Nairobi-Nakuru Highway-Flyover Area In Mutonyora Distress Sale-K- Ref-491

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2 years ago

DISTRESS SALE. Residential property with semi-permanent structures prime plot in Nairobi-Nakuru highway-Flyover area in Mutonyora near Property situated 600 metres off Nairobi-Nakuru highway and 700 metres to the east of pinacle hospital in Flyover area in Mutonyora,<a href= county> Nyandarua county</a> and Build a dream home or make money