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Month: August 2020

Skywalk Ngong Road.

Affordable housing Starting price from 2 Million. This is an amazing property that mainly consists of Studios,junior one bedrooms and one bedrooms. Located off Wanyee Road on Ngong Road,enjoys close proximity to Nairobi CBD.

Looking to Rent a 2 Bd Apartment – KItisuru, Springvalley, Westlands. Ksh 50k. August 2020

Busy Dr. Client

Busy Doctor client looking for an Apartment to rent. Budget: from Ksh 50k. House Type: 2 Bedroom Apartment  Move-in end of August 2020 Prefered areas: KItisuru, Springvalley, Westlands. Viewing Friday/Saturday. Preference  Secure Area, Well Lit, Large Rooms, modern design but open to guest wings etc Biashara ya Haraka https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/3381159/deal/2785449998